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Peer mentoring programs are available to help develop a supportive and effective learning community at the University. Mentoring gives new students the opportunity to meet peers and build networks, learn about student life and settle in to the University.

Many faculties and schools run peer mentoring programs at the start of semester. New undergraduate or postgraduate students are matched with a mentor in small groups.

Mentors are senior students within the faculty or school who can assist you to settle into university life. This may include:

  • providing support and advice
  • sharing knowledge and their experiences
  • familiarising you with your faculty/school and University services
  • providing general information about your course
  • answering Welcome week and transition questions
  • organising mentoring sessions or group activities to help you build networks.

Mentors are not intended to replace the academic advice, tutoring or assistance with your course material provided by your faculty or school.

If you are a current student and are interested in becoming a mentor, find out more and register.


If you are a new student at the University, you may be able to register for a peer mentoring program run by your faculty or school at the start of your first year of study. Registration often takes place during Welcome week at the beginning of each semester.

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) mentoring programs offer you the opportunity to develop essential skills, build networks and find out everything you need to know about getting started at the University of Sydney.

As part of the program, you will:

  • be connected with a senior student mentor in your area of study to support you throughout the first half of your semester
  • gain first-hand knowledge about your degree, your area of study, and the opportunities available to you as a student in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  • develop practical skills in academic writing, career planning, digital literacy and study at a university level
  • build your networks, find out about joining clubs and societies, meet new people and become an active part of our community

Tailored Welcome and Mentoring Programs are run for domestic students, international students, mature-age/25+* students and Dalyell Scholars.

Registration opens the day after you have enrolled, and you can register in Canvas.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the program, email us at


If you're a new domestic undergraduate student, you can join our Welcome and Mentoring Program.

The program begins on Monday, 29 July 2019 during Welcome Week. The day will inlcude valuable skills-building workshops, talks, seminars and networking opportunities on campus, led by your senior student mentor. 

Your mentor will take your group on a guided campus tour, including important study locations for your first semester and recommendations on the best places to relax, socialise and meet new people.

Over the first eight weeks of semester, your mentor will be someone you can go to if you need help or advice. They will guide you to important study workshops, help you develop your social networks and provide advice on getting the most out of your studies at the University.


If you're a first-year international undergraduate student, you can join our International Welcome and Mentoring Program. The program begins on Monday, 29 July 2019 during Welcome Week. This is where you’ll meet your senior student mentors, who'll be studying in your area of study and from both an international and domestic background.

They’ll lead you through the day of valuable skills-building workshops, talks, seminars and networking opportunities on campus, and share their experiences to help you settle into Sydney.

Over the first eight weeks of semester, your mentor will be someone you can go to if you need help or advice. They’ll guide you to important international student workshops on career opportunities and social networks, help you make friends and settle into a new city, and provide advice on getting the most out of your experience at the University.


The 25+ Welcome and Mentoring Program is a specialised option for new undergraduate non-school leaver students. The program begins on Monday, 29 July 2019 during Welcome Week. You will be connected with a senior student mentor from your area of study, and other students in a similar age group.

Your mentor will lead you through a day of valuable skills-building workshops, talks, seminars and networking opportunities on campus.

Over the first eight weeks of semester, your mentor will be someone you can go to if you need help or advice. They will guide you to important study workshops, help you develop your social networks and provide advice on getting the most out of your experience at the University.


The Dalyell Scholar Welcome and Mentoring Program is a targeted welcome event for Dalyell Scholars within the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. You will be are paired with a high-achieving senior Dalyell mentor who will guide you through your transition into university and the Dalyell Scholars Program.

You'll meet your mentor on Welcome Day (Monday, 29 July 2019) and continue to receive ongoing peer-to-peer mentoring until the end of the year.

The Business School Peer Mentoring Program runs for the first eight weeks of semester. You’ll attend events during Welcome Week, and meet with your group two or three more times during your first weeks at university.

You can register for a mentor during the Business School’s Welcome Day. We will email you once you enrol with details of when and where you need to register.

If you don’t register for a mentor during Welcome Week, you will have the opportunity to register in Week 1 of semester. We will email you at your University student email account with information on late registration.

If you need more information, contact us at

If you are a current student and interested in becoming a mentor, find out more about what's required and how to register.

Mentoring follows a structured workshop schedule to help you understand the academic demands of university. Information on the program will be available at Welcome Week. During Welcome week, mentors can be identified by their yellow ‘duck squad’ t-shirts.



As part of your mentoring activities, you will be encouraged to keep a reflective journal starting from the first week of lectures. This introduces you to the practice of critical reflection about teaching and learning, a significant element of your professional preparation and practice. Your journal combines written reflections with other forms of expression, such as visual images, and involves:

  • reflecting on your own experiences as well as those of a previous generation, enabling you to connect with, and consider, the evolution of teaching and learning
  • developing a critical approach to the education-research literature
  • using multiple sources for reflection
  • practising writing skills
  • reflecting on the experiences that led to your decision to become a teacher or social worker.
  • Personal school experiences – this could include your thoughts about yourself as a learner; the nature of teaching (the best and worst attributes of your various teachers and their impact on your learning); or other significant aspects of your schooling, for example, what was valued by your school (sport, music or academic achievement) and how this was demonstrated.
  • The school experiences of someone of another generation – the memories of, for example, your parents, older friends or grandparents. Be guided by the reflection of the person you have chosen and comment on the differences between their experiences and your own.
  • Popular culture – select a movie or television series and discuss how teaching, learning, students or teachers are portrayed. Comment critically on this portrayal, referring to your own experiences and the experiences of others.
  • Newspaper articles – summarise print-media coverage of a contemporary education issue and comment critically about the articles by referring to lectures, tutorials, workshops or readings.


A poster competition is the final reflective activity for the year. It is a cooperative activity with contribution from everyone in your workshop group. The competition is judged at the end of Semester 2.

The ENGO Peer Mentoring Program begins during Welcome week where you will meet your mentor and group, participate in activities, and have lunch together. The program continues for the first eight weeks of the semester and you will attend social events, workshops and continue to receive informal mentoring.

You can register to be a mentee here. We will then contact you with details about when and where you will meet your mentor on Welcome Day.

If you do not register before Welcome week, you will have the opportunity to do so during the day on Thursday 1 August 2019.

If you need more information, please contact us a

If you are a current student and interested in becoming an ENGO mentor, find out more and here.


Belong@FHS is the peer mentoring program for students studying an undergraduate coursework degree within the Sydney School of Health Sciences. You will be placed in a group with two mentors and six to eight students.

The program starts during Welcome Week where you will meet your mentors and group, learn about your degree, participate in activities and have lunch. It continues for the first six weeks of Semester 1 and includes informal mentoring, workshops and social events. Refer to the Belong@FHS Cumberland program (pdf, 45KB) for more information.

Before you register, you should be aware of the Belong@FHS Code of Conduct for mentees (pdf, 60KB). This outlines the expectations of you while part of the program.

Once you've enrolled, you'll be able to register for the program online.

After you have registered, we will allocate you to a group with other students in your degree. If you would like to be placed in the same group as a friend, you can create a unique passcode and each include this in your registration.

The Sydney Law School Peer Mentoring Program starts during Welcome week and runs for the first few weeks of Semester 1. In the program you will be matched with a mentor and a group of five to 10 students. You will learn about your course and the Law School and participate in group activities. The first meeting takes place on Welcome day at the Law School. 

After you've accepted your offer and enrolled, we'll send you information about how to participate in the mentoring program for 2020.

For more information, contact the Professional Law Programs Team at


The Sydney Conservatorium of Music runs a Student Support Network Mentoring Program where each new student is matched to a student mentor in groups of five of six students. Where possible, you will be matched with a mentor in the same degree and area of principal study.

If you need more information about the program, email Dr Christopher Coady at

The Sydney Nursing School runs a mentoring program for commencing students. Information on the program will be provided at Welcome Day.

The Science Student Transition Program aims to help you transition to university life. The program involves the Science Student Transition Workshop held in Welcome Week and and option to join the Peer Mentoring program that runs through Semester one and two.

During the Transition Workshop, senior students will be available to answer your questions and point you in the right direction. Here you will also get to meet tutors and demonstrators, research staff and lots of other students doing the same courses as you. 

If you choose to join our Mentoring Program, you will be placed in a group of two mentors and six to 10 other students. This is an informal and social way to learn about university, talk to senior students about all things student-related, get useful and reliable information and meet other first-year students outside of class.

When you've enrolled, you should register for the program online here. We will then allocate you to a group with other students in your course.

For more information please contact


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Extended in-person opening hours first two weeks of semester and during exams.

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